Books / Edited Volumes

2003  Il Senso del Vedere: Pratiche Sociali della Significazione. Rome, Melterri Editore.
(This book, volume 20 of the Segnature series, brings together Italian translations of five of my papers on vision: "Professional Vision", "Seeing in Depth", "Practices of Color Classification", "The Blackness of Black", and "Transparent Vision. ")

2003    Conversation and Brain Damage (edited book). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

1992   Rethinking Context: Language as an Interactive Phenomenon, edited with Alessandro Duranti. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

1981  Conversational Organization: Interaction Between Speakers and Hearers. New York: Academic Press.

    1. Introduction
    2. Achieving Mutual Orientation at Turn Beginning
    3. Notes on the Organization of Engagement
    4. Modifying Units of Talk to Coordinate Their Production with the Actions of a Recipient
    5. Designing Talk for Different Types of Recipients
    6. Conclusion
    7. Appendix/References/Index


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