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Since 1990, the Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project has documented the lives of over 300 wild white-faced capuchin monkeys in a Costa Rican tropical forest.  Because capuchins grow up slowly and can live for several decades, documenting and explaining these traits requires multi-year behavioral observation of individually known monkeys, supplemented by genetic and other biological data.   Ninety-five field assistants, graduate students and post-doctoral scholars have worked at Lomas Barbudal, making it one of the world’s premier primatology methods training facilities. The project’s findings through 2006 are described in the recently published popular science book, Manipulative Monkeys: the Capuchins of Lomas Barbudal (2008: Harvard University Press). 


Maintaining continuous funding via short-term grants is a never-ending challenge.  We invite your help to maintain and expand this ongoing study of a species that has much to tell us about our own origins. We also sometimes need financial assistance to help conserve the forest in which the monkeys live, and to conduct environmental education programs in the local schools and community centers. Less than 2% of the original tropical dry forest remains in the world, and less than 0.1% of Costa Rica’s dry forest has been preserved, making it far more endangered than rainforest. Environmental education is the only way to ensure that enough people attain the knowledge and pro-environmental attitudes to preserve this habitat type over the long term.


To make a donation, click here to access the UCLA Anthropology donations page. Near the bottom of the donations page is a choice of which fund to donate to. Select “Lomas Barbudal Monkey Fund” in the Gift Information section. Donors who provide us with their addresses will receive an annual newsletter about the project’s current research projects and the latest news about the monkeys. If you wish to receive this, write to Susan Perry at the UCLA Anthropology Department (341 Haines Hall, Box 951553, 375 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles CA 90095-1553) to let her know that you have made a donation and to provide her with your address.















































































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