April 2002

  Name:  Allen Johnson

  Office:  Department of Anthropology
  University of California
  Los Angeles, CA 90095-1553
  Tel:  (310) 825 1437
  Fax:  (310) 478-1235
  e-mail:  ajohnson@ucla.edu

  Academic Training
 1959-1963 University of California, Berkeley
  B.A., Anthropology, June 1963
 1964-1968 Stanford University
  M.A., Anthropology, June 1965
  Ph.D., Anthropology, June 1968
 1977-1992 Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute
  Ph.D., Psychoanalysis, March 1992

  Field Work
  Summer 1965                       Stanford Summer Field Training Program, Oaxaca, Mexico.
  August 1966-                       Boa Ventura, Ceara, Brazil; Ph.D. Dissertation Research.
  August 1967

  June 1972-                           Cultural Ecology of Machiguenga Indians, Peruvian Amazon (18 months in four visits).
  August 1980
  July 1988-                            Re-study of Fazenda Boa Ventura, Ceara, Brazil.
  July 1989

  Teaching Experience
  Summer 1968 Acting Instructor, Stanford University.
  1968-1975 Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University.
  Summer 1970 Faculty Associate, University of Hawaii Training Program in Human Ecology, Kohala, Hawaii.
  1975-1980 Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.
  1980-1988    Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.
  1988-present Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles.

  Teaching Interests
   Cultural Ecology/Social Evolution
   Research Design
   Psychological Anthropology
   Native South America
   Latin American Communities

  Administrative Experience
  Summer 1969 Deputy Chair, Anthropology,  Columbia University.

  1972-1975 Director, NIMH Training Program in Social Anthropology, Columbia University.

  1976-1978 Director, NIMH Training Program in Behavioral Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles.

  1978-1980 Chair, Campus Wide Health Services Research Committee, University of California, Los Angeles.
  1980-1981 Chair, Selection Committee, International Doctoral  Fellowship Program for Latin American, Social Science Research Council.
  1984-1987 Chair, Committee on Social Science Computer Laboratories, UCLA.
  1987-1991  Chair, Department of Anthropology, UCLA.
  1990-1994 Member-at-Large (elected), Executive Committee of Anthropology, Section H, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  1995-1999 Member (elected), Board of Directors, Society for Psychological Anthropology

  1997-2001 Chair, Latin American Studies Program, UCLA


  1992  Outstanding Thesis Award, Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute

  1998  L. Bryce Boyer Prize, Outstanding Publication in Psychoanalytic Anthropology,    Society for Psychological Anthropology, for Oedipus Ubiquitous
            (w/ Douglass Price-Williams)

  1998  Annual Robert J. Stoller Foundation Memorial Lecture, October 16, 1998
  Fellowships and Grants
  1965-1967 National Science Foundation, Graduate Fellowship
  1967-1968 Agricultural Development Council, dissertation research grant (B.J. Siegel, Principal Investigator)
  July 1969 Columbia Council for Research in the Social Sciences:  "Computer processing of ecological data;" "Patron client relations in rural Latin America."
  July 1971 Columbia CRSS: "Computer simulation of swidden agriculture."
  1972-1976 National Science Foundation, Faculty Research Grant: "Ethno ecological field study among Machiguenga Indians of the Peruvian Amazon."
  1972-1975 Director, NIMH Graduate Training Program Columbia  University.
  1976-1978 Director, NIMH Graduate Training Program, UCLA.
  1976-1978 National Science Foundation, Faculty Research Fellowship: Postdoctoral study in psychological anthropology (summers)
  1977-1978 National Institute of Mental Health, Faculty Research Fellowship: Postdoctoral study in psychological anthropology (academic year)
  1977-1979 Research Clinical Associate, Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute.  3 year stipend.

  1994-1999 National Science Foundation Masterís Level Research Training Grant (co-PI)

  1977-2002 UCLA Academic Senate Small Grants each year.

  Professional Organizations

  American Anthropological Association (fellow)
  American Association for the Advancement of Science (fellow)
  American Ethnological Society
  Society for Psychological Anthropology

  Books and Monographs:
   1971 Sharecroppers of the Sertao: Economics and Dependence on a Brazilian Plantation.  Stanford, Stanford  University Press
   1978 Quantification in Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction to Ethnographic Research Design.  Stanford, Stanford University  Press
   1982 Contemporary Health Services: Social Science Perspectives.  Boston: Auburn House.  (Edited, with Oscar Grusky and Bertram Raven).
   1987 (with Timothy Earle) The Evolution of Human Societies: From Foraging Group to Agrarian State. Stanford, Stanford University Press
   1987 (With Orna R. Johnson) Time Allocation Among the Machiguenga of Shimaa. In, Allen Johnson, ed., Cross Cultural Studies in Time Allocation, Vol. I.
            New Haven: Human Relations Area Files
   1992   Is the Oedipus Complex Universal?  New Evidence from World Folk Literature.  Ph.D. Thesis, Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute.  Los Angeles.

   1996  (with Douglass Price-Williams)  Oedipus Ubiquitous:  The Family Complex in World Folk Literature.  Stanford:  Stanford University Press.

   2000  (with Timothy Earle)  The Evolution of Human Societies, 2d Edition.  Stanford:      Stanford University Press (in press).

   2003   Families of the Forest:   the Matsigenka Indians of the Peruvian       Amazon. Berkeley:  University of California Press (in press).

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Monograph Series:

I am director of the UCLA Time Allocation Project, and editor of the series, Cross-Cultural Studies in Time Allocation.  The monographs are published by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc., of New Haven, Connecticut.  Monographs in the series are:

Vol. I  A. Johnson and O. R. Johnson, Time Allocation among the Machiguenga of Shimaa.  1988.

Vol. II  M.  Paolisso and R. D. Sackett, Time Allocation among the Yukpa of Yurmutu.  1988.

Vol. III R. C. Bailey and N. R. Peacock, Time Allocation of Efe Pygmy Men and Women of the Ituri Forest, Zaire.  1988.

Vol. IV C. A. Behrens, Time Allocation among the Shipibo of Nuevo Eden.  1988.

Vol. V  R. L. Munroe and R. H. Munroe, Logoli Time Allocation.  1989.

Vol. VI R. L. and R. H. Munroe, Black Carib Time Allocation.  1990.

Vol. VII M. G. Baksh, Time Allocation among the Machiguenga of Camana. 1990

Vol. VIII R. L. Munroe and R. H. Munroe, Samoan Time Allocation.  1990.

Vol. IX D. Werner, Time Allocation among the Mekranoti-Kayapo.  1993.

Vol. X  R. Hames, Time Allocation among the Yekwana.  1993.

Vol. XI J. Weil, Time Allocation among Bolivian Quechua Coca Cultivators.  1993.

Vol. XII R. H. Munroe and R. L. Munroe, Newar Time Allocation.  1997.

Vol. XIII G. Smith, Time Allocation among the Madurese of Gedang-Gedang.  1995.

Vol. IX M. Borgerhoff-Mulder, A. T. Kerr, and M. Moore, Time Allocation among the Kipsigis of Kenya.  1997.