Asian Pacific American Labor Studies
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Asian American Studies 197B
Spring Quarter 2002

Guidelines for Student Internships

  1. Each student will participate in an internship with a community-based labor campaign. The formal internship will begin during third week of the quarter, but students are encouraged to start sooner if possible. Students are expected to devote five to six hours per week on this internship, although realistically most will put in more hours.
  2. Students will be able to choose their community-based labor internship, although two of the internships (i.e., work on the Visual Communications labor documentary and work on the Chinatown mural project) require the approval of community representatives and the meeting of other requirements (see course syllabus).
  3. For their internships, students will work together in teams with fellow students and, as a team, are expected to develop a seven-week project that will materially benefit their community-based labor campaign.
  4. In the creation of their seven-week project, student teams are also required to consult with community representatives, Erin O’Brien, and Glenn Omatsu.
  5. During their seven-week internship, student teams are also required to meet regularly with Erin O’Brien, and/or Glenn Omatsu to assess progress of their project.
  6. Erin O’Brien of the UCLA Labor Center will serve as internship site supervisor, overseeing student work on projects and student relationships with community groups. Students are required to turn in a weekly Goals Sheet to Erin. Part of each student’s grade for their internship project will be based on an assessment provided by Erin at the end of the quarter.
  7. Although the exact activities and projects for internships will be dependent on the specific community-based labor campaign, some possibilities are: participation in worker-led actions such as rallies and picketing, research assistance, organization of a labor forum for UCLA students, and collection of endorsements for specific labor campaigns by UCLA student groups.
  8. Periodically, during their internship students will be assigned reflection papers. At the end of their internship, students will be required to write a final project report.
  9. The internship represents the major part of each student’s grade for this course. Part of the internship grade will be based on evaluations provided by community representatives overseeing work of students and by Erin O’Brien, UCLA sites supervisor.








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