Asian Pacific American Labor Studies
Asian American Studies 197B; class ticket number: 121-856-200
Mondays, 4:00 – 6:50 p.m.
Bunche 2168


Asian American Studies 197B
Spring Quarter 2002

Reflection Journal 3

This assignment is due by e-mail to both Glenn Omatsu and Erin O’Brien by Monday, April 22.

For your community-based internship, create a workplan for the next seven weeks based on your discussions with Erin, your meetings with your community supervisor, and your meetings with fellow students of your work team. Your workplan should cover goals and objectives for your team’s work during the seven weeks of the internship, each student’s individual responsibilities, and a timeline for completion of the team’s work. Your workplan should also include any additional expectations for your team’s work based on meetings with your community supervisor and any additional requirements specified by Erin. Finally, your workplan should include a list — based on the Leadership Training exercise we did in class — of both the leadership strengths and focus of leadership development for each member of your work team.







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